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Protect My Mark are one of the leading Intellectual Property Services Bureau in the MENA Region. We are a one-stop solution for all the IP services, and aid clients across a myriad of industries to obtain meaningful protection and extract the best value for their innovations with effective agile solutions that are easy to understand, are of assured quality, and all these at a reasonable fixed price.

Being an independent international depository operating in eight countries, Protect My Mark houses a team of expert IP practitioners who possess in-depth knowledge in the field and have extensive experience of over 20 years in the field of IP and other connected fields.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Protect My Mark provides wide opportunities for IP protection for clients from Europe, CIS countries, Asia, MENA and other regions. Professionalism is at the forefront of everything we do, so working with Protect My Mark means you can count on us to protect and support your most business-critical asset – your Intellectual Property. Our focus is on helping clients to protect & build their intellectual property portfolios without confusing and time-consuming procedures.

Saud Khan

Director of AKST Global

INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai) has very professional and friendly service. We got our ERP Copyrights very easily and with no hidden cost. We are thankful for your very simple and straightforward approach to working together. I recommend INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai )to anyone looking for Copyright or any other legal services.”

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Zabiullah Jafizi

Manager at Elisium perfumes trading LLC

Your staff is very nice; they are very helpful. As a result, we’ve got our copyright registration just awesome quick, and fast. Your service is good as well as your profile.

Filippo Sona

Co-Founder of Wood Couture LLC

We’ve chosen you for our copyright registration as your office was the closest office to us. But we were truly surprised by the well-established and transparent processes you’ve provided along the registration journey. We’ve got the desired result, thank you!

Boris Lam

Cofounding Partner of Orskin Aesthetics and Fitness Lounge

We’ve chosen INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai) upon good reviews and didn’t disappointed: copyright registration was very professional, and service was very good as expected! All the processes went very efficiently and quickly. We’ll certainly recommend you in the future when the moment comes.

Mina kelleni

Mina T. Kelleni

Independent Scientist

INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai) has one of the most professional and co-operative teams I have ever met. All the processes regarding the registration of two IP concepts went very prompt and smooth. I will recommend you my fellow scientists all over the world.

Mary Abarcar

Marketing Officer at Blank Canvas by Fatima

We’ve chosen INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai for our copyright registration service because they are one of the best and trusted in the industry IP services consultancy. It was a smooth process and we are very happy with their service. They have been with us from the beginning until we get our copyright certificates. They got the job done in a timely manner. They explained to us how it’s important to copyright our designs to protect them and they were able to help us in this process. Great results! We are happy with the service they provided and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future. May you continue to prosper and enjoy much success!

Over 8 Years in IPR Protection

Protect My Mark is one of the leading intellectual property bureaus in the market, serving a host of clients that includes SMEs, early-stage startups, and individuals across the MENA region. Our underlining aim is to offer our clientele comprehensive, practical, insightful, timely, and flexible services that are necessary to help the customers in discovering the potential of their IP, protecting, and maximizing the value of their intellectual portfolio.

We are a trusted name in the market and there are reasons why a large number of businesses in the UAE and MENA opt for our services:


Our clients can always rely on our expert solutions that are based on multifarious worldwide experience, data-driven analysis, and exceptional service.

Innovations & Customization

We have and implement authentic, innovative, and pragmatic solutions to your every need and hassle.


We firmly hold that only complete transparent relationships and approaches can help achieve trust and successful cooperation between us and the client.

Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

IPR Protection from Birth to Growth

We thoroughly usher and secure all objective ideas of our clients from inception and professionally deliver the most exquisite results

Protect My Mark offers a seamless solution for companies of all sizes and individual inventors to efficiently manage and monetize their intellectual property.

Our Team is Our Strength

A dedicated team of IP experts, led by our CEO, Andrei Linnik, makes Protect My Mark a valuable resource for our clients. We provide reliable and comprehensive IP protection and monetization strategies based on our extensive experience across numerous intellectual property fields. Let us help you succeed in your business goals while safeguarding your intellectual property.

Managing Director

Andrei Linnik

A lot of companies and their owners cannot properly choose the most appropriate legal protection form. About 98 percent of all businesses now, after IP registration transfer the IP rights to their company. If the company closes, you, as a business owner, can lose all the rights.

Andrei Linnik leads INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai since 2016 and is an IP Expert with 6 years of experience in different intellectual property spheres. Andrei focuses on Intellectual Property Protection and helps entrepreneurs find the best way to capitalize and monetize their IP assets. His diverse background experience in managing large international projects in various business areas such as Telecommunications, Information Services, Civil Engineering, and a degree in Management allows Andrei to use a competent and holistic approach to company management.

Awards and Recognitions

We Welcome Professional and Business Partnerships

We completely stand by our social responsibility of ensuring that our business has a positive impact on the people, the business community, and our country as a whole. Thus, our corporate social responsibility is equally vital to us. We support businesses, startups and solo inventors in their aim to be educated on IP rights protection in the UAE and worldwide.

To fulfil our commitment, we provide the best training practices to a wide audience and invite you to create a better future for intellectual property.

company intellectual property registration

Professional Partnerships

I am a professional, Accelerator, SME club, or service company in the UAE that wants to cooperate in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.

company intellectual property registration

Business Partnerships

I am a business owner who wants to educate my business on Intellectual Property Rights and refer Protect My Mark to my clients.

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