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    Patent Explained

    Patent Registration gives the inventor the right to receive all the financial benefits and legal credits of his invention. It gives an exclusive legal right to the inventor to protect, manufacture, use or sell their invention. It means no one else can make, use or sell it. The validity of a patent is 20 years in the region or country where it is granted.

    Benefits of Registering Your Patent

    Patents are valuable assets because:

    • Commercialization of patented products can enhance the return of investments of a company
    • The inventor can generate more revenue by manufacturing as well as selling the patent product
    • The patent also gives a boost to the business by enhancing the market value and therefore attracting new investors

    Hence it becomes important to use the service and expertise of a patent attorney who has the experience and has complete knowledge of Patent Registration.

    Patent Registration in UAE

    Protect your invention

    Though protection is granted for a limited period, it will still help you stay ahead of your competitors

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Own exclusive IP rights

    You will get exclusive and legal rights to your invention, and also the power of selling your rights to anyone you want

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    End imitation

    You gain the power to sue anyone copying, importing, manufacturing, or selling your invention without your permission

    What is Eligible for Patent Registration?

    Any new invention, process, products, machines, chemical compositions can be protected by patent as well as their changed or improvised versions or new ways of using them. Patent works as an asset as you can get a financial boost by selling them, licensing them, or using them to attract funds from investors.

    However, to get patent registration for any invention, it should meet certain specific standards. The invention should be:

    • Novel – It means it should be new and unique. Something is never seen before.
    • Applicable – It means it should be workable and useful in solving a problem.
    • Non-obvious – It means it should not be obvious or apparent to an ordinary skilled person related to the same field.

    A patent isn’t granted for any abstract theorem, scientific principle, computer program, or business method. It’s only granted for processes that could lead to the production of something tangible or something that could be sold. It is only granted for the physical embodiment of a particular idea like a possible description of a door lock.

    Types of Patent Rights

    1. Utility Patent

      Inventors mostly apply for a utility patent. That’s why it is considered the most common patent. A utility patent is used to protect new, useful and improved products, machines, processes, or compositions of matter

    2. Design Patent

      Design patent is legal protection of ornamental features and appearance of products. It does not apply to functional or structural features.

    3. Plant Patent

      A plant patent grants protection to new and unique kinds of plants that are reproduced asexually. It means plant patent is for plants reproduced by cuttings or seeds and not for plants that are tuber-propagated or are uncultivated.

    Patent Registration in the UAE

    A comprehensive, large, and developed regulation and law body for IP protection is all a part of the drive, to aid UAE in becoming a globally recognized business hub. Federal and local authorities in UAE acknowledges the importance of prevention of intellectual property thefts like counterfeiting. UAE signed many international treaties related to patents and intellectual property like:

    • The WIPO Convention (General)
    • The Patent Cooperation Treaty (Patents)
    • The Paris Convention (Patents and Trademarks)
    • TRIPs under WTO
    Protection granted Exclusive rights Patents are to be submitted to the Ministry of Economy in UAE, which is the department for protection of Intellectual Property. The owner of a patent gains the legal right to sue others for importing, copying, manufacturing, or selling their patent invention without their consent. It also gives them the right to sell or license their invention while still retaining their IP rights or to sell all their Intellectual Property Rights to others etc.
    Protection from Infringements Patent infringement stands for importing, copying, manufacturing, or selling patented processes or products without the consent of the patent owner. Infringing a patent does not require the knowledge of the patent registration of an invention.
    Duration The validity of Patent registration from the filing date is 20 years and is subject to mandatory annual fees.

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    Patent Registration Process in the UAE

    Filling and submission of application and fees

    The very first step of patent registration is filling and submitting the patent application and payment of specified fees.

    Required documentation

    Complete specifications and details of the invention along with its elements which needs protection, illustration, summary, bibliographic information, abstract, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) documents, extract from the partnership or commercial registry, Power of Attorney, Emirates ID, An undertaking related to application about making all the documents available, and more.

    Acceptance of application

    A legal and formal examination follows the acceptance of the application, after the submission of all the documents. The average time for this process is 2 years.

    Final testing and documentation

    The patent then undergoes scrutiny as per the obligatory criteria and norms. The applicant may be asked to provide more documents and information as required

    Publication of application

    After the scrutiny, if the MOE gives acceptance to the application, then it is published in the official UAE Gazette along with the additional information. It is then open for comments and objections.

    Final decision

    The final decision of the approval of the patent will depend on if any comment or any objection was being raised about it.

    After the completion of the registration process if the final decision is in favour of the applicant he gets the entitlement of the patent of his invention

    Don't wait! Let us register your patent and provide the best IP advice.

    Registering Your Patent in the UAE and Internationally

    Every crucial part of the business is identifying and evaluating your creations and inventions. This includes a thorough analysis of your product, the cost involved in launching it in the market as well as the details of your target market. All this analysis will help you in weighing the cost involved in getting a patent with the financial benefits you will procure in the future.

    You should apply for Patent Registration if you want exclusive legal rights of your product, you are aiming to get recognition as an inventor for your scientific endeavours, or you are aiming for benefits and grants from the government; you are planning to participate in conferences and want to work with local bodies.

    Protect My Mark believes in delivering only the best when it comes to services with our personalized professional approach. Given below are the details of services we provide in Patent Registration.

    1. Patentability or Novelty Search
    2. Study of Freedom-to-Operate (FTO)
    3. Business & Patent Landscape
    4. Search related to patent Invalidity

    1. Local or Direct Patent Filing in almost any region or country
    2. Filing of PCT national phase application in states contracting PCT
    3. Filing of International PCT application
    4. Filing of Regional patent Registration applications

    1. Search for infringement Identification per patent
    2. Preparation of infringement Contentions per patent
    3. Preparation of invalidity Contentions per patent
    4. Preparation of response to Invalidity Contentions per patent
    5. Product Mapping Patent

    1. Drafting of Patent in English and Arabic
    2. Analyzing and preparing responses for official actions
    3. Patent prosecution and annuity payments
    4. Translation services

    Let us help you in protecting the innovativeness and uniqueness of your product or invention and in stopping infringement. We assure you that structures developed by us for your intellectual property protection are of the highest level. Though the Patent Registration process is a little complex and expensive it’s worth the benefits you gain from it.

    How We Make the Process Convenient and Hassle-Free for You

    With the assistance of our professionals, the filing process of your PCT or Direct Patent Filing will take up to one week once we have received all the information required. Our global experience along with the expert patent attorney’s will make this process effortless.

    Patent Registration in UAE

    Filing a patent

    Once you have your patent draft already written we’ll prepare the documentation for a proper patent application in the relevant country, including notary & translation services from English to Arabic.

    Patent Registration in UAE

    Participation in the patent process

    Since patent examiners are involved in the patent process it becomes very “live”. We’ll keep all the communication process like correspondence or requests from them on your behalf to avoid any concerns from the patent office.

    Patent Registration in UAE

    Issuance of Certificate of Registration

    Utmost transparency in all transactions, procedures, and fees, our ability to respond to examiners promptly, our expertise, and boundless dedication will help maximize the chances of a successful patent.

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    intellectual property consulting firms

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