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    Copyright Explained

    Copyright is one of the forms of intellectual property which does not protect the ideas but protects the form of its expression. It protects the creativity, time, and efforts of the creator of the work, whether it is published or unpublished. It protects the original material of the creators and authors from unauthorized use and provides them a legalized exclusive right to

    • Use and reproduce their work
    • License, sell, lease or distribute copies of their work to others.
    • Display or perform their work publicly

    However, the work should fulfil certain parameters to get protection under copyright law. Mentioned below are the things that are essential for getting copyright:

    1. Originality – It means that the work to be copyrighted should be authentic and original and not a copy of someone’s work.
    2. Creativity – It means that the work should be ingenious and can be easily seen as creative.
    3. Tangible form – It means creation should be such which can be expressed in tangible form like something which can be saved on paper by the printing or can be uploaded and saved on a storage device for a period of more than transitory duration.

    Benefits of Protecting Your Copyright

    Identifying and evaluating the original works owned by you is a crucial part of the business you own. Brand logo, product designs, computer programs, databases, mobile applications, and designs all of these works are valuable and can potentially work as a value addition to your company by earning additional revenues.

    You just have to think about the benefitting ways of using copyright ownership. It will not only give you an opportunity for business expansion but will also work as an incentive for the intellectual efforts you have put in. For that, you might like to know all about franchising, licensing, and potential royalty arrangements.

    Protect My Mark knows that securing your IP protection is a very crucial step. With our expertise, we can prove very beneficial and convenient, especially when it comes to enforcement of infringed rights in courts or with local authorities.

    Patent Registration in UAE

    Protection of Your Artwork

    You will be able to create confidently, after knowing that your work will get protection from infringement

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Your Exclusive IP Rights

    You will get exclusive and legal rights for your work, and also the power of granting others the rights to use your work

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    End of Infringement

    As the registered copyright owner you gain the power to sue anyone using your work without your permission

    Types of Rights the Copyright Law Protects

    There are two kinds of rights protected by copyright:

    1. Economic rights – It permits the copyright owner to earn financial remuneration from others in exchange for using their works. Most of the copyright laws give the rights holder the economic right by which they can prevent or authorize certain use of the work or even use the work for franchising, licensing, or through collective management and earn remuneration for the same.

    The economic rights include:

    • Right to reproduction in different forms like sound recording or printed publication
    • Right to importation control
    • Right to rental authorization
    • Right to set exceptions or limitations
    • Right to equality in remuneration
    • Right to any legal commercial use, distribution, and transfer

    2. Moral rights – It protects the inherent rights the owner or the originator has over their intellectual works. It protects the non-economic interests of the author.

    The moral rights include:

    • Paternity right which helps an author  to be identified as the creator and  originator of his work
    • Integrity rights give protection from anything that can cause harm to the author’s reputation
    • Distorted reproduction right gives the author a right to stop, oppose and hinder any changes, distortion, and alteration to the work

    Copyrights grant the owner the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute copies of the work, prepare derivative works, and perform, display, and broadcast the work publicly.

    What Is Eligible For Copyright Protection?

    Copyright gives protection to a lot of assets that are a result of the intellectual activities of humans. You can make your brand good, credible, persuasive, and profitable by getting a copyright for your brand logo. Here is the list of few intangible assets which can be protected by copyright:

    1. Registration of the brand logo

      protect your brand internationally including brand logo, slogan & brand name as a Composite Copyright Work

    2. Literary works

      like essays, pamphlets, books, etc.

    3. Works related to web development

      like computer software, databases or programs, games, mobile applications, and other works related to web development

    4. Musical and drama work

      like music compositions whether with words or without words, sounds, dumb shows, and audiovisual works

    5. Architecture works

      like engineering layouts and plans

    6. Artistic works

      like painting, drawing, sculpting, engraving, and lithography on stones, fabric, wood, or metal

    7. Works of fine arts

      like photographic works and photography analogous

    8. Plastic and applied artworks

    9. Three-dimensional geographical works and illustrations

      like topography, maps, sketch and architecture designs, etc.

    Copyright Protection Law in the UAE

    With a comprehensive, large, and developed copyright regulation, federal and local authorities in the UAE acknowledge the importance of prevention of infringements of intellectual property. The legal range of local regulations and international treaties in the UAE includes:

    Exclusive rights Federal Law No. (7) of 2002 on Copyrights and Neighboring rights states that there is automatic granting of copyright for specific works and once it is granted, the producer gets exclusive rights of its own as well as subsequent rights of distribution and sale, etc.
    Protection from infringements Copyright applies to all mediums, so work protected by copyright is not allowed to be reproduced in any medium.  Infringement includes copying a part or whole of the work, issuing copies of work to the public, etc., without the copyright owner’s consent. Infringement authorization is considered an infringement too.
    Duration The validity duration of the accepted copyright is 50 years.

    Let us help you protect your copyright.
    Get the right IP advice today!

    Process of Getting Your Copyright Protected

    Submission of required documents

    The first step is to request a free consultation from an IP Expert in the Protect My Mark by submitting a call back request form. After the consultation, a contract is signed with the Dubai representative office. Then you have to pay the service fees along with an application and copies of the work you want to get registered for.

    Initial search for the copyright object

    We conduct and deposit a preliminary search for the object to be copyrighted.

    Submission of application and work copies to Protect My Mark

    We will fill and submit an online form and then will provide the copies of the work which you want to get registered at the Protect My Mark.

    Receiving approval

    After receiving a confirmation of preliminary approval of your registration, we will wait for final approval.

    Registration and issuance of IP Certificate

    Once your copyright for the copyright object is registered, you will receive mail containing your certificate of registration. The duration of the registration period usually lasts up to 4 weeks. It also depends on the kind of work which is to be registered.

    How We Make the Process Convenient and Hassle-Free for You

    We make things effortless for you with our convenient copyright protection process, efficient and professional customer service, and transparency in pricing policies.

    We assure you that structures developed by us for your intellectual property protection are of the highest level. In only 3 steps your copyright can be registered in the UAE as well as in 178 countries around the world.

    Copyright Registration in Dubai, UAE

    Fill our online questionnaire

    Fill our online questionnaire after which our IP - Expert will initiate your registration process.

    Copyright Registration in Dubai, UAE

    We unburden you from paperwork

    We make things much easier for you by putting together everything which is needed for your application.

    Copyright Registration in Dubai, UAE

    Final Registration of your IP with a certificate of registration

    You will receive an electronic certificate on your email ID and a hard copy of the mail.

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    intellectual property consulting firms

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